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Short presentation

Anna Seim obtained her Ph.D. from the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm University in 2007 and is Associate Professor with tenure since 2014.

Her work is both theoretical and empirical and comprises studies on wage formation and macroeconomic performance under different monetary and fiscal regimes. She is also working on various topics related to economic growth and development, with a particular focus on institutions.

Anna Seim was a member of SNS Economic Policy Council in 2012 and has been a member of the scientific advisory council of the Swedish National Debt Office since 2013.


Research interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Wage Setting
  • Economic Growth
  • Political Economy
  • Networks


Current teaching


Publications in refereed journals

"Oligarchies and Development in a Global Economy: A Tale of Two Elites" (with Anders Akerman and Alireza Naghavi), Economic Inquiry, 54(1), 229-246, 2016.

"Earned Income Tax Credits, Unemployment Benefits and Wages: Empirical Evidence from Sweden" (with Helge Bennmarker and Lars Calmfors), IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 3:54, 2014.

"The Global Arms Trade Network 1950-2007" (with Anders Akerman), Journal of Comparative Economics, 42(3), 535-551, 2014.

"Democracy as a Middle Ground: A Unified Theory of Development and Political Regimes" (with Stephen L. Parente), European Economic Review, 64, 35-56, 2013.

"Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy" (with Lars Calmfors), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 115(1), 109-140, 2013.

"Testing the Impact of Inflation Targeting and Central Bank Independence on Labour Market Outcomes" (with Johnny Zetterberg), Oxford Economic Papers, 65(2), 240-267, 2013.

"Fiscal Activism under Inflation Targeting and Non-atomistic Wage Setting", Economica, 79, 97-114, 2012.

"On Labour Mobility and the Neutrality of Money in Unionised Economies", Economic Modelling, 28(1-2), 396-403, 2011.

"The Swedish Real Exchange Rate under Different Currency Regimes", Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), 140(4), 706-727, 2004.


Other publications in English

"Wage Formation and the Swedish Labour Market Reforms 2007-2009" (with Helge Bennmarker and Lars Calmfors), Studier i Finanspolitik 2011/1, Background report to the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, 2011.

"Aggregate and Regional Business Cycle Synchronisation in the Nordic Countries" (with Nevena Gaco and Henrik Sikström), SIEPS 2009:7, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Stockholm, 2009. Summary. Revised  WP version (170 Kb) .

"Comment on Stefan Niemann and Jürgen von Hagen: Coordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policies: A Fresh Look at the Issue"  pdf (151 Kb) , Swedish Economic Policy Review, 15, 125-129, 2008.

Real Effects of Monetary Regimes, IIES Monograph Series No. 57, Institute for International Economic Studies, 2007.

Selected publications in Swedish

"Enkla regler, svåra tider - behöver stabiliseringspolitiken förändras?" (with Martin Flodén, Morten O. Ravn and Anders Vredin), SNS Konjunkturrådsrapport 2012. English version downloadable here.

Working papers

"Leaders and Followers: Heterogeneous Effects of Institutions and Spillovers on Economic Growth" (with Chih Ming Tan), 2014.

Recent debate articles and media

"Se över det kommunala balanskravet" (with SNS Konjunkturråd 2012), Dagens samhälle, 2012.

"Behåll överskottsmålet - och komplettera det" (with SNS Konjunkturråd 2012), Göteborgsposten, 2012.

"Riksbankens ansvar bör utökas" (with SNS Konjunkturråd 2012), SvD Brännpunkt, 2012.

"Riskabelt när staten snålar" (with SNS Konjunkturråd 2012), DI debatt, 2012.

"Borg sätter hård press på lönerna", Dagens industri, 2011.

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