Stockholm University
Department of Economics
SE-106 91 Stockholm Sweden







Research interests

  • History of economic analysis
  • Economics of crime

Selected publications

A Study in the Theory of Inflation and Unemployment, North-Holland Publishing Company, 1979

"The End of the Stockholm School", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol 87, pp. 577-593, 1985

"Capital Theory and Equilibrium Method in Wicksell's Cumulative Process", History of Political Economy, Vol 29, pp. 201-17, 1997

"Two Early Swedish Debates about Wicksell’s Cumulative Process", The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Vol 5, pp. 120-39, 1998

"Analytical Foundations of Erik Lindahl's Monetary Analysis, 1924-30", History of Political Economy, Vol 34, pp. 111-153, 2002

"Heertje, Heemeijer and Samuelson on the Origin of Samuelson's Multiplier-Accelerator Model", History of Political Economy, Vol 35, pp. 323-327, 2003

"Monetary Equilibrium", History of Political Economy, Vol 38, pp. 665-709, 2006

"Incentive and Incarceration Effects in a General Equilibrium Model of Crime", (with Mats Persson), Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Vol 59, pp. 214-229, 2006

"The Becker Paradox and Type I vs. Type II Errors in the Economics of Crime", (with Mats Persson), International Economic Review, Vol 48, pp. 211-233, 2007

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