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Short presentation

I received my PhD at Uppsala University in 1997. Since then I have held various positions in the Uppsala environment. For instance, I was the Director-General of the Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation, IFAU (, 2006–2010 and a Professor at the Department of Economics 2007–2010. Currently I am Associate Editor of Economic Journal, member of the Nobel Committee for the Prize in the Economic Sciences, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and Research Fellow at IZA (, CESifo (, and UCLS ( My research interests include just about anything in labor economics.

Research interests

  • Economics of Education
  • Economics of Immigration
  • Labor Market Policy
  • Labor Mobility

Selected publications

   Parental Responses to Public Investments in Children: Evidence from a Maximum Class Size Rule (563 Kb)   (  Online Appendix (76 Kb) ), Journal of Human Resources 51(4), 832-868, 2016. (with Björn Öckert and Hessel Oosterbeek) (Previously circulated as "Inside the Black Box of Class Size: Mechanisms, Behavioral Responses, and Social Background", IZA Discussion Paper 8019.)

"Long-term Effects of Class Size", Quarterly Journal of Economics 128:1, 249-285, 2013. "Editors choice" in this issue. (with Björn Öckert and Hessel Oosterbeek). (  Appendix (236 Kb) )

"Life-cycle Effects of Age at School Start", Economic Journal 124, 977-1004, 2014. (with Björn Öckert) (previous version entitled "Is Early Learning Really More Productive? The Effect of School Starting Age on School and Labor Market Performance")

"Peers, Neighborhoods, and Immigrant Student Achievement – Evidence from a Placement Policy", American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3(2), 67-95, 2011. (with Olof Åslund, Per-Anders Edin and Hans Grönqvist)

"Peer Effects in Welfare Dependence – Quasi-experimental Evidence", Journal of Human Resources, 44(3), 799–825, 2009. (with Olof Åslund)

"Resources and Student Achievement – Evidence from a Swedish Policy Reform", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 110, 277–296, 2008. (with Björn Öckert)

"Dynamic Treatment Assignment – The Consequences for Evaluations using Observational Data", Journal of Business & Economics Statistics, 26(4), 2008, 435–445. (with Per Johansson)

"Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Monitoring and Sanctions" , Economic Journal, 399–421, 2007. (with Jan Boone, Bertil Holmlund, and Jan van Ours)

"Optimal Unemployment Insurance Design: Time limits, Monitoring, or Workfare?", International Tax and Public Finance, 13, 565–585, 2006. (with Bertil Holmlund)

"Improving Incentives in Unemployment Insurance: A Review of Recent Research", Journal of Economic Surveys, 20, 375-386, 2006. (with Bertil Holmlund)

The Market comes to Education – An Evaluation of Sweden’s Surprising School Reforms, Russell Sage Foundation, 2005. (with Anders Björklund, Melissa Clark, Per-Anders Edin, and Alan Krueger)

"The Effect of Trade on Earnings: Evidence from Swedish Micro Data", Oxford Economic Papers 56, 231–234, 2004. (with Per-Anders Edin and Per Lundborg)

"Settlement Policies and the Economic Success of Immigrants", Journal of Population Economics 17, 133–155, 2004. (with Per-Anders Edin and Olof Åslund)

"Ethnic Enclaves and the Economic Success of Immigrants: Evidence from a Natural Experiment", Quarterly Journal of Economics 118, 329–357, 2003. (with Per-Anders Edin and Olof Åslund)

"Optimal Unemployment Insurance in Search Equilibrium", Journal of Labor Economics 19, 370–399, 2001. (with Bertil Holmlund)

"The Dynamics of Regional Labor Markets and Active Labor Market Policy: Swedish Evidence", Oxford Economic Papers 51, 623–648, 1999.

"The Political Economy of Public Employment Programs", Journal of Public Economics 72, 487–504, 1999.

"Economic Incentives and the Demand for Higher Education", Scandinavian Journal of Economics 99(1), 129–142, 1997.


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Working papers

 "Mismatch of Talent: Evidence on Match Quality, Entry Wages, and Job Mobility" (6068 Kb) , manuscript, Department of Economics, Stockholm University, revise and resubmit American Economic Review (with Lena Hensvik and Oskar Nordström Skans).

 The Rising Return to Non-cognitive Skill (552 Kb) , IZA DP 10914 (with Per-Anders Edin, Martin Nybom, and Björn Öckert)

"LINDA – Longitudinal INdividual DAta for Sweden", Working Paper 2000:19, Department of Economics, Uppsala University. (with Per-Anders Edin).

 "Do Unemployment Benefits Increase Unemployment – New Evidence on an Old Question" (194 Kb) , IZA DP 3570 (with Martin Söderström).

 "The Supply of Skills to the Teacher Profession" (176 Kb) (with Björn Öckert)


Current teaching

  • Spring: Econometrics II (PhD); Economics of Education (PhD)
  • Fall: Policy Analysis in Labor Economics (Master); Labor Economics (PhD)

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