Below you can find links to the recent  Working papers in Economics produced at the Department of Economics.

No. 2014:2:
The interbank market risk premium, central bank interventions, and measures of market liquidity - Annika Alexius, Helene Birenstam and Johanna Eklund

No. 2014:1:
Do payroll tax cuts raise youth employment? - Johan Egebark and Niklas Kaunitz

No. 2013:15:
The Skill Complementarity of Broadband Internet - Anders Akerman, Ingvil Gaarder and Magne Mogstad

No. 2013:14:
The Social Egoist - Anne Boschini, Astri Muren and Mats Persson

No. 2013:13:
Distortions in the Neoclassical Growth Model: A Cross-Country Analysis - Pedro Brinca

No. 2013:12:
Can Indifference Make the World Greener? - Johan Egebark and Mathias Ekström

No. 2013:11:
Can fiscal austerity be expansionary in present Europe? The lessons from Sweden - Lennart Erixon

No. 2013:10:
Education, Cognition and Health: Evidence from a Social Experiment - Costas Meghir, Mårten Palme and Emilia Simeonova

No. 2013:9:
Which Firms are Left in the Periphery? - Spatial Sorting of Heterogeneous Firms with Scale Economies in Transportation - Rikard Forslid and Toshihiro Okubo

No. 2013:8:
Trade, Transboundary Pollution and Market Size - Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo and Mark Sanctuary

No. 2013:7:
Life-cycle effects of age at school start - Peter Fredriksson and Björn Öckert

No. 2013:6:
A matter of transient anonymity: Discrimination by gender and foreignness in online auctions - Emma von Essen and Jonas Karlsson Karlsson


For further access to electronic versions of Working Papers in Economics produced at the Department of Economics between 1997 and 2013, please go to S-WOPEC: Scandinavian Working papers in Economics