Research at the Department of Economics is largely within the following areas: labor economics with unemployment, labor market institutions, economics of crime and social insurance, public economics with political economy and social norms, industrial organization and competition policy, economic growth with international trade and economic geography. Additional fields are the history of economic analysis, economic psychology and experimental economics. In 2010 the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University appointed a research project in the department to a Research Program of Excellence. The project, Evaluation of Public Policy, engages 11 researchers today.

The department organizes a weekly higher seminar where, in addition to presentations by invited guests, thesis manuscripts are discussed and licentiate theses are publicly examined and defended. There is also a weekly workshop where ongoing research at the department is presented. In addition, there are public examinations and defenses of Ph.D. theses. Research at the department is documented in our Working Papers in Economics Series and theses in our Dissertations in Economics Series.