Thu Sep 3 Petra Persson (Stanford): "Competition and the Long-Term Consequences of Grade Inflation" (joint with Rebecca Diamond).
Tue Sep 8 Brown Bag: Theodoros Rapanos (SU): "What makes an opinion leader: expertise versus popularity".
Thu Sep 10 Patrick Kline (Berkeley): "Bounding the Labor Supply Responses to a Randomized Welfare Experiment: A Revealed Preference Approach”.
Tue Sep 15 Brown Bag: Evangelia Pateli (SU): "Local and Sectoral Import Spillovers in Sweden".
Thu Sep 17 Eric French (UCL): "Medicaid Insurance in Old Age".
Tue Sep 22 Brown Bag: Kyle Meng (USCB): "Global Trade and Risk Sharing in a Spatially Correlated Climate".
Thu Sep 24 Xavier Giné (World Bank):"Forecasting When it Matters: Evidence from Semi-Arid India".
Tue Sep 29 Brown Bag: Michele Valsecchi (GU): “The Political Economy of Corruption in the Bureaucracy”.
Thu Oct 1 Moses Shayo (Hebrew University): "Sharing in Peace: the Effects of Financial Market Exposure on Votes and Political Attitudes".
Tue Oct 6 Brown Bag: Andrii Parkhomenko (UAB): "Opportunity to Move: Macroeconomic Effects of Relocation Subsidies".
Thu Oct 8 Björn Öckert (IFAU): "Born to Lead? The Effects of Birth Order on Non-Cognitive Skills".
Tue Oct 13 Brown Bag: Olivia Bertilli (Paris School of Economics): "The more the merrier? Adjusting fertility to weather shocks".
Thu Oct 15 Marianne Bertrand (Chicago): "Social Norms, Labor Market Opportunities, and the Marriage Market Penalty for Skilled Women".
Tue Oct 20 Brown Bag: Dany Kessel (SU): "Debiasing the Gender Differences in Preferences for Competition".
Thu Oct 22 Sebastian Galiani (University of Maryland): "The Causal Effect of Competition on Prices and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment".
Tue Nov 3 Brown Bag: Mounir Karadja (SU): "Emigration and Political Power: Evidence from the Age of Mass Migration".
Wed Nov 4 Paul Klein (SU): "Making a miracle: Ireland 1980-2005".
Fri Nov 6 PhD Defense: Sara Fogelberg Lövgren (SU): "Markets, Interventions and Externalities".
Tue Nov 10 Brown Bag: Wei Si (SU): "Diverse Expertise and Knowledge Spillover".
Thu Nov 12 Noam Yuchtman (Berkeley): "Identifying Ideology: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan".
Tue Nov 17 Brown Bag: Yangzhou Yuan (SU): "Endogenous Markups and Sectoral Misallocation".
Thu Nov 19 Amy Finkelstein (MIT): "Welfare Analysis of Health Insurance".
Tue Nov 24 Brown Bag: David Seim (SU), no title.
Thu Nov 26 Andrea Ichino (EUI): "The cognitive cost of daycare 0–2 for girls".
Fri Nov 27 PhD Defense: Manja Gärtner (SU): "Prosocial Behavior and Redistributive Preferences".
Tue Dec 1 Brown Bag: Theodoros Rapanos (SU): "What makes an opinion leader: expertise versus popularity".
Thu Dec 3 Camilo García-Jimeno (University of Pennsylvania): "Matching Pennies on the Campaign Trail: An Empirical Study of Senate Races and Media Coverage".
Tue Dec 8 Brown Bag: Marieke Bos (SU): "The Labor Market Effects of Credit Market Information".
Thu Dec 10 Miltos Makris (University of Southampton): "Cue-Triggered Recidivism: Experimenting with a Restless Bandit".
Thu Dec 17 Plamen Nenov (BI): "Buying first or selling first in housing markets".