Tue Aug 29 Amelie Wuppermann, University of Munic: "Inattention and Switching Costs as Sources of Inertia in Medicare Part D”.
Tue Sep 5 Brown Bag: Han Lu (Rotman): “Do Financial Constraints Cool A Housing Boom?”
Tue Sep 5 PhD Defense: Anders Österling (SU)
Thu Sep 7 Ghazala Azmat (Sciences-Po): "The Consequences of Higher Education Funding Reforms: Short-run and Long-run Evidence from the UK"
Tue Sep 12 Brown Bag: Tamara Sobolevskaia (SU): "Technological progress, earnings polarization, childlessness and number of children in American families 1980-2010".
Thu Sep 14 Daniel Sturm (LSE): “Estimating Neighbourhood Effects: Evidence from War-time Destruction in London”.
Tue Sep 19 Brown Bag: Federico Curci (Madrid): "Flight from urban blight: Crime and suburbanization in the U.S."
Thu Sep 21 Sara Lowes (Bocconi): “Matrilineal Kinship and Spousal Cooperation: Evidence from the Matrilineal Belt”.
Tue Sep 26 Brown Bag: Joakim Jansson (SU): “Cyberhate, anonymity and the risk of being exposed”. 
Thu Sep 28 Morten Ravn (UCL): "The Macroeconomic Effects of Government Asset Purchases: Evidence from Postwar US Housing Credit Policy".
Mon Oct 2 Final seminar: Wei Si (SU)
Tue Oct 3 Brown Bag: Daniel Knutsson (SU): "Infant health monitoring, infant health and adult outcomes: Evidence from a universal reform in Sweden".
Thu Oct 5 Rachael Meager (LSE): "Aggregating Distributional Treatment Effects: A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of the Microcredit Literature".
Tue Oct 10 Brown Bag: Wei Si (SU): "Diverse Expertise, Peer Effects, and Research Productivity: Does diversity in idea space matter?"
Thu Oct 12 François Gerard (Colombia): "Firms and the racial wage gap: Evidence from Brazil".
Tue Oct 17 Brown Bag: Evangelia Pateli (SU): "Information spillovers and the margins of global sourcing". 
Thu Oct 19 Solomon Hsiang (Berkeley): "The Marginal Product of Climate".
Mon Oct 23 Final seminar: Daniel Knutsson (SU)
Tue Oct 24 Brown Bag: Hasin Yousaf (Madrid): "Issue Salience and Voting: Evidence from Mass Shootings in U.S."
Thu Oct 26 Réka Juhasz (Columbia): "Drivers of Fragmented Production Chains: Evidence from the 19th century”.
Tue Nov 7 Brown Bag: Dany Kessel (SU): "Are Parents Uninformed? The Impact of School Performance Information on School Choices”. 
Wed Nov 8 David Strömberg (SU): "Social media and protest in China".
Tue Nov 14 Brown Bag: Carl-Johan Rosenvinge (SU): "Bank Bail-Outs, Regulation, and Competition Policy".
Thu Nov 16 Attila Lindner (UCL): "The Effects of Introducing the Minimum Wage in Germany on Employment and Wages".
Tue Nov 21 Brown Bag: Andreas Madestam (SU): "Contractual Flexibility and Selection into Borrowing. Evidence from Bangladesh".
Thu Nov 23 Joan Monras (CEMFI): "Immigrants’ Residential Choices and their Consequences".
Tue Nov 28 Brown Bag: Sergio de Ferra (SU): "Trade, Structural Reforms, and Inequality".
Thu Nov 30 Chris Taber (Wisconsin-Madison): “Skills Prices, Occupations and Changes in the Wage Structure”.
Thu Dec 7 Michèle Tertilt (Mannheim): "An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic".
Fri Dec 8 Final seminar: Evangelia Pateli (SU)
Tue Dec 12 Brown Bag: Mathias von Buxhoeveden (Uppsala): “Unemployment insurance and youth labor market entry”. 
Thu Dec 14  Xavier Jaravel (LSE): "The Unequal Gains from Product Innovations".
Fri Dec 15 PhD Defense: Mengyi Cao (SU)