Mon Aug 27 Final seminar: Laurence Malafry (SU)
Thu Aug 30 PhD Defense: Daniel Knutsson (SU)
Tue Sep 4 Brown Bag: Matti Mitrunen (IIES/SU): "Lasting impact of the Finnish war reparations".
Thu Sep 6 Gregor Jarosch (Princeton): “Learning from Coworkers”.
Tue Sep 11 Brown Bag: Serena Cocciolo (IIES/SU): "Experience of Inclusive Institutions and the Value of Participation: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh".
Thu Sep 13 Molly Lipscomp (Virginia): "Pricing People into the Market: Targeting through Mechanism Design".
Tue Sep 18 Brown Bag: Has van Vlokhoven (IIES/SU): "Estimating the Profit Share: New Method and New Results".
Thu Sep 20 Mitchell Downey (IIES): "Buying the Ballot: The Effects of Political Actors on Official Ballot Initiative Language".
Tue Sep 25 Brown Bag: Sarah Rosenberg (ULB/ENTER): "The Breadwinner Norm Revisited: The Effect of Relative Wage on the Labor Supply of Married Women".
Thu Sep 27 Ferenc Szucs (SU): "Media Capture through Favoritism".
Tue Oct 2 Brown Bag: Kim Dongwoo (UCL/ENTER): "Partially Identifying Competing Risks Models : Applications to the War on Cancer and Unemployment Spells". 
Thu Oct 4 Rebecca Diamond (Stanford): "The Effects of Rent Control Expansion on Tenants, Landlords, and Inequality: Evidence from San Francisco".
Thu Oct 11 Uta Schoenberg (UCL): "The Effect of Business Taxes on Wages and Employment".
Tue Oct 16 Brown Bag: Maksym Khomenko (GU): ”Private Information and Design of Unemployment Insurance”.
Thu Oct 18 Elisabet Olme (SU): "School Choice Priority Structures and School Segregation".
Tue Oct 23 Brown Bag: Jonna Olsson (IIES/SU): "Structural transformation of the labor market and the economy's response to aggregate shocks".
Thu Oct 25 Stefano Della Vigna (Berkeley): "Stability of Experimental Results: Forecasts and Evidence".
Tue Nov 6 Brown Bag: Josef Sigurdsson (IIES/SU): "Labor Supply Responses and Adjustment Frictions: A Tax-Free Year in Iceland".
Thu Nov 8 John Friedman (Brown): "The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility".
Tue Nov 13 Brown Bag: Sreyashi Sen (IIES/SU): "Productivity Effects of Labor Regulations: Evidence from India". 
Thu Nov 15 David Dorn (Zürich): "The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms”.
Tue Nov 20 Brown Bag: Soledad Giardili (SU): “Single-Sex Schools and Student Achievement: Early-age Evidence from Admission Lotteries”.
Thu Nov 22 Clément Imbert (Warwick): "Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China".
Tue Nov 27 Brown Bag: Anna Tompsett (SU): "How do community contribution requirements affect local public good provision? Experimental evidence from safe water sources in Bangladesh".
Thu Nov 29 David Yang (Standford/Harvard): “The Impact of Media Censorship: 1984 or Brave New World?” 
Fri Nov 30 PhD Defense: Joakim Jansson (SU)
Tue Dec 4 Brown Bag: Saman Darougheh (IIES/SU): "Specialized human capital and unemployment".
Thu Dec 6 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe (Columbia): "Exchange  Rates and Uncovered Interest Differentials: The Role of Permanent Monetary Shocks''.
Tue Dec 11 Brown Bag: Louise Lorentzon (SU): "The Choice of Pension Funds".
Thu Dec 13 Michael Best (Columbia): "Incentives and the Allocation of Authority in Organizations: A Field Experiment with Bureaucrats".
Tue Dec 18 Brown Bag: Roza Khoban (SU): ”Trade Liberalization and Political Protests”.
Thu Dec 20 PhD Defense: Laurence Malafry (SU)