Thu Sep 3 Maria Petrova (UPF): "Bombs, Broadcasts and Resistance: Allied Intervention and
Domestic Opposition to the Nazi Regime during World War II".
Tue Sep 15 Brown Bag: Sebastian Seitz (ENTER): "The Consequences of Pay Reporting: Evidence from Austria"
Thu Sep 17 Matthias Doepke (Northwestern): “This Time It’s Different: The Role of Women’s Employment in a Pandemic Recession”.
Tue Sep 22 Brown Bag: David Jackson (SU): "Reputation on Networks".
Thu Sep 24 Sam Bazzi (Boston): “Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling”.
Tue Sep 29 Brown Bag: Xanthi Tsoukli (SDU): “The Return of the King:
The Effect of the Civil War in Greece on Female Labor Force Participation” .
Thu Oct 1 Josef Zweimüller (Zürich): "How Do Family Policies Affect Gender Inequalites in the Labor Market?”.
Tue Oct 6 Brown Bag: Ruijie Tian (Gothenburg): "Emissions Trading Scheme and Directed Technological Change: Evidence from China".
Tue Oct 13 Job Market Talk: Roza Khoban (SU): "The Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Presence of Political Distortions".
Thu Oct 15 Ceren Baysan (Essex): "Building Inter-Ethnic Cohesion in Schools: An Intervention on Perspective Taking".
Tue Oct 20 Job Market Talk: Nanna Fukushima (SU): "The UK Clean Air Act, Black Smoke, and Infant Mortality".
Thu Oct 22 Imran Rasul (UCL): "Search and Matching in Low-income Labor Markets: Evidence from a Six-Year Field Experiment".
Tue Nov 3 Brown Bag: Jonas Gathen (ENTER): “Government jobs for talents, cronies or sale? Estimating latent government worker skills with an application to Indonesia.”
Thu Nov 5 David Berger (Duke): “Mortgage Prepayment and the Path-Dependent Effects of Monetary Policy”.
Thu Nov 12 Krisztina Orbán (NBER, Monash): "The Inception of Capitalism through the Lens of Firms".
Tue Nov 17 Brown Bag - Tobias Lehmann (Lausanne): “Wage Inequality with Amenities”.
Thu Nov 19 Katrine Løken (NHH): "Consequences of Domestic Violence for Victims and their Families".
Thu Nov 26 Monica Martinez-Bravo (CEMFI): "In Vaccines We Trust? The Effects of the CIA’s Vaccine Ruse on Immunization in Pakistan".
Tue Dec 1 Brown Bag: Felix Holub (ENTER): "Gender Gaps and the Role of Bosses".