Tue 8 Final seminar, Christian Odendahl (SU)
Fri 11 PhD defense, Martin Nybom, (SU/SOFI): "Essays on Educational Choice and Intergenerational Mobility"
Tue 15 Xiaodong Liu (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) and Michael König (University of Zurich): "Policy Implications for R&D Alliance Networks"
Thu 17 David Seim, Stockholm University (IIES): "Real or Evasion Responses to the Wealth Tax? Theory and Evidence from Sweden"
Tue 22 Shuhei Kitamura, Stockholm university: "Loyalty and Treason: An Analysis of Land Reform in Postwar Japan"
Thu 7 Pia Pinger: "Intergenerational Effects of Economic Distress: Paternal Unemployment and Child Secondary Schooling Decisions"
Thu 14 Carl Gaigné: "Does input trade liberalization boost downstream firms’ exports? Theory and firm-level evidence"
Thu 21 Maarten Bosker: "International supply chains and network e ffects in trade"
Thu 7 Suresh Naidu: "When the Levee Breaks: Black Migration and Economic Development in the American South"
Tue 12 Regina Kühne, Humboldt University: "Generalized trust and prosocial behavior"
Thu 14 Lori Beaman: "Do Job Networks Disadvantage Women? Evidence from a Recruitment Experiment in Malawi"
Tue 19 Andreas Mueller, CBS: "Job Search and Job Finding in a Period of Mass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data"
Thu 21 Sandip Sukhtankar, Dartmouth: "The Marginal Rate of Corruption in Public Programs: Evidence from India"
Thu 4 Final seminar, Mathias Ekström (SU)
Thu 11 PhD defense, Christian Odendahl (SU): "Parties, Majorities, Incumbencies: Four essays in political economics"
Mon 15 PhD defense, Maria Cheung (SU): "Education, Gender and Media: Empirical Essays in Development Economics"
Thu 18 Andreas Bernecker, ENTER/University of Mannheim: "Divided We Reform? Evidence from US Welfare Policies"
Tue 23 Vladimir  Matveenko, St Petersbourg University: "Misallocation, Weak Links, and Development of Agglomerations"
Wed 24 PhD defense, Emma von Essen (SU): "Understanding unequal outcomes. Studies on gender, social status and foreignness"
Thu 25 Vladimir  Matveenko, St Petersbourg University - seminar
Fri 26 Final seminar, Eric Sjöberg (SU)
Tue 30 Paola Montero Ledezma (Université Catholique de Louvain): "Inefficient equilibrium unemployment in a matching model with commuting" 
Thu 2 Rosa Ferrer: "Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers"
Tue 7 Final seminar, Mark Sanctuary (SU)
Thu 16 Daniel Hungerman, Notre Dame: "The Effect of Education on Religion: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Laws"
Tue 21 Pierre Picard, University of Luxemburg: "Spatial Segregation and Urban Structure"
Thu 23 Stephan Litschig, UPF: "The Long-run and Intergenerational Education Impacts of Intergovernmental Transfers"
Tue 28 Final seminar, Pedro Soares Brinca (SU)
Thu 30 Nicola Gennaioli, Bocconi: "Finance and the Preservation of Wealth"
Tue 4 Shon Ferguson (IFN) and Rikard Forslid (SU): "Do embassies promote exports?"
Tue 11 Francesco Caselli, LSE: "The Geography of Inter-State Resourse Wars"