Tue Feb 14 Brown Bag: Josef Sigurdsson (SU): "The Gift of Moving: Intergenerational Consequences of a Mobility Shock".
Tue Feb 14 PhD Defense: Kuflu Gedefe Molla (SU)
Thu Feb 16 Johannes Haushofer (Princeton): "Peace of Mind: Health Insurance Reduces Stress and Cortisol Levels – Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Kenya".
Tue Feb 21 Brown Bag: Rikard Forslid & Sten Nyberg (SU): "Brexit – Balancing Trade and Migration".
Thu Feb 23 Ines Helm (SU): ”Spillover Effects of Mass Layoffs”.
Tue Mar 7 Brown Bag: Matilda Kilström (SU): "Should I Stay or Must I Go? Temporary Protection and Labor Market Outcomes for Refugees".
Thu Mar 9 Michael Greenstone, (Chicago): “Measuring the Welfare Effects of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs.”
Tue Mar 14 Brown Bag: Anna Bindler GU): "The fall of capital punishment and the rise of prisons: How punishment severity affects jury verdicts”.
Thu Mar 16 Sergio de Ferra (SU): "Sovereign Default and the Zero Lower Bound: Deadly Embrace in a Monetary Union".
Thu Mar 23 Alessandra Voena (Chicago): "Child Marriage, Weather Shocks, and the Direction of Marriage Payments" .
Tue Mar 28 Brown Bag: Niklas Blomqvist (SU): "Part-time Employment and Gender Gaps".
Tue Mar 30 Kaveh Majlesi (LU): "Importing Political Polarization? The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure".
Tue Apr 4 Brown Bag: Daniel Knutsson (SU): "Infant Health Monitoring and Mortality: Evidence From a Universal Reform in Sweden".
Thu Apr 6 Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary): "Reservation wages and the wage flexibility puzzle".
Tue Apr 18 David Autor (MIT): "When Work Disappears: Manufacturing Decline and the Falling Marriage-Market Value of Men".
Tue Apr 25 Brown Bag: David Zentler-Munro (UCL): "Minimum Wages in Frictional Labour Markets".
Thu Apr 20 Johannes Haushofer (Princeton): ”The Cost of Keeping Track”.
Thu Apr 27 Jeremiah Dittmar (LSE): "State Capacity and Public Goods: Institutional Change, Human Capital, and Growth in Historic Germany”. 
Fri Apr 28 PhD Defense: Jürg Fausch (SU)
Tue May 2 Brown Bag: David Seim (SU): “The Role of Firms in Payroll Tax Incidence: Evidence from a Young Workers' Tax Cut in Sweden”.
Thu May 4 Kory Kroft (Toronto): "Quantifying the Welfare Gains of Variety: A Sufficient Statistics Approach".
Tue May 9 Brown Bag: Andrea Colombo (ECARES): "Public Good under Appointed versus Elected Mayors: Evidence about Criminality in Belgium".
Thu May 11 Paula Bustos (CEMFI): "Capital Allocation Across Regions, Sectors and Firms: Evidence from a Commodity Boom in Brazil ".
Tue May 16 Brown Bag: Per Pettersson-Lidbom (SU): “Political Power and Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development:  Evidence from the 19th century Sweden”. 
Thu May 18 Dave Donaldson (Stanford): "The More We Die, The More We Sell? A Simple Test of the Home-Market Effect".
Tue May 30 Brown Bag: Björn Hinnerich (SU): “Do Mild Sentences Deter Crime? Evidence using a Regression-Discontinuity Design”.
Thu Jun 1 Noam Yuchtman (Berkeley): "Are Protests Games of Strategic Complements or Substitutes? Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement".
Thu Jun 8 Pedro Dal Bó (Brown): "The Demand for Bad Policy when Voters Underappreciate Equilibrium Effects”.
Fri Jun 9 Final seminar: Anders Österling (SU)
Tue Jun 13 Brown Bag: Anna Seim (SU): “Towards a Unified Theory of Income and Democracy”. 
Thu Jun 15 Gerard Padró i Miquel (LSE): "Making Democracy Work: Formal Institutions and Culture in Rural China".