Tue Jan 16 Job Talk: Jesus Bueren (CEMFI): "Long-Term Care Needs: Implication for Savings, Welfare and Public Policy".
Thu Jan 18 Job Talk: Paul Mohnen (Northwestern): "The Impact of the Retirement Slowdown on the U.S. Youth Labor Market".
Mon Jan 22 Job Talk: Alessandro Sforza (LSE): "Shocks and the organization of the firm: Who pays the bill?"
Tue Jan 23 Job Talk: Julia Faltermeier (UPF): "The marginal product of capital: New facts and interpretation".
Thu Jan 25 Job Talk: Tobias Renkin (Zurich): "The pass-through of minimum wages into US retail prices: Evidence from scanner data".
Fri Jan 26 Final seminar: Joakim Jansson (SU)
Mon Jan 29 Job Talk: Daphné Skandalis (Zurich): "Breaking news: Information about firms' hiring needs affects the direction of job search".
Tue Jan 30 Job Talk: Ferenc Szucs (Berkeley): "Discretion and corruption in public procurement".
Thu Feb 1 Job Talk: Vitalijs Jascisens (Toulouse): "Can entry mitigate the effect of inflated reserve prices in procurement?"
Fri Feb 2 Job Talk: Arthhur Seibold (LSE): ”Reference Dependence in Retirement Behavior: Evidence from German Pension Discontinuities”.
Mon Feb 5 Job Talk: Diego Battiston (LSE): ""The persistant effects of brief interactions: Evidence from Immigrant ships".
Tue Feb 6 Job Talk: Michela Carlana (Bocconi): "Stereotypes and self-stereotypes: Evidence from teachers' gender bias".
Wed Feb 7 Job Talk: Joanne Yu Min Tan (Science Po): "Multidimensional heterogeneity and mismatch in a frictional labor market".
Thu Feb 8 Job Talk: Golvine de Rochambeau (Columbia): "Monitoring and intrinsic motivation: Evidence from Liberia's trucking industry".
Thu Mar 8 Davide Cantoni (Munich): "Persistence and Activation of Right-Wing Political Ideology".
Tue Mar 13 Brown bag: Hanna Mühlrad (GU): "Multiple Births, Birth Quality and Maternal Labor Supply: Analysis of IVF Reform in Sweden".
Tue Mar 20 Brown Bag: Andreas Madestam (SU): "Surviving the Killing Fields. The cultural and political heritage of the Khmer Rouge".
Thu Mar 22 Fiona Burlig (Chicago): "Out of the Darkness and Into the Light? Development Effects of Rural Electrification".
Tue Mar 27 Brown Bag: Laurence Malafry (SU): "Immigration shocks and the macroeconomy".
Tue Apr 10 Brown Bag: Michael Blanga-Gubbay (ENTER, ULB): "Globalization for Sale".
Thu Apr 12 Leonardo Bursztyn (Chicago): “Misperceived Social Norms: Female Labor Force Participation in Saudi Arabia”.
Tue Apr 17 Brown Bag: Xavier Lambin (ENTER, TSE)
Thu Apr 19 Jan Stuhler (Madrid): “Kinship Correlations and Intergenerational Mobility”.
Tue Apr 24 Brown Bag: Fredrik Paues (SU): "Building identity: understanding wealth accumulation in the top 0.01 percent".
Thu Apr 26 Maria Micaela Sviatschi (Princeton): "Making a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life Paths".
Thu May 3 Daniel Reck (LSE): "Taxing Hidden Wealth: The Consequences of U.S. Enforcement Initiatives on Evasive Foreign Accounts" .
Tue May 8 Brown Bag: Valentina Gavazza (SU): "Fear of Secular Stagnation and the Natural Interest Rate".
Mon May 14 PhD Defense: Evangelia pateli (SU)
Tue May 15 Brown Bag: Daniel Almén (SU): “Peacetime Conscription and Crime”.
Thu May 17 Jim Berry (UDEL): “Pricing of Private Education in India: Demand, Use and Impact”. 
Tue May 22 Brown Bag: Nils Gottfries (UU): "Deep Dynamics".
Wed May 23 PhD Defense: Wei Si (SU)
Thu May 24 Serdar Ozkan (Toronto): "Sources of Inequality in Earnings Growth Over the Life Cycle”.
Tue May 29 Brown Bag: Ines Helm (SU): "The Dynamic Response of Municipal Fiscal Budgets to Revenue Shocks ".
Tue May 29 PhD Defense: Jakob Almerud (SU)
Thu May 31 Final seminar: Tamara Sobolevskaia SU)
Thu May 31 Michael Müller-Smith (Michigan): "Violence while in Utero: The Impact of Assaults During Pregnancy on Birth Outcomes ".
Tue Jun 5 Brown Bag: Ricardo Lima "Heterogeneity of monetary policy responses in Europe".
Thu Jun 7 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (Berkeley): "Dominant Currency Paradigm".
Tue Jun 12 Brown Bag: Niklas Blomqvist (SU): "Restricting Residence Permits - Short-Run Evidence From A Swedish Reform".
Thu Jun 14 Manasi Deshpande (Chicago): "Who is Screened Out? Application Costs and the Targeting of Disability Programs".