Mon Jan 13 Job Talk: Andreas Haller (Zürich): "Welfare Effects of Pension Reforms".
Tue Jan 14 Job Talk: Giacomo Magistretti (Northwestern): "Fiscal Sustainability in Aging Economies".
Wed Jan 15 Job Talk: Stefan Hut (Brown): "Financial Frictions and Firm Labor Adjustments: Evidence from a Retirement Policy".
Thu Jan 16 Job Talk: Amrita Kulka (Wisconsin): "Sorting into Neighborhoods: The Role of Minimum Lot Sizes".
Fri Jan 17 Job Talk: Miren Azkarate-Askasua (Toulouse): "The Aggregate Effects of Labor Market Concentration".
Mon Jan 20 Job Talk: Yue Yu (Columbia): "Land-Use Regulation and Economic Development: Evidence from the Farmland Red Line Policy in China.
Tue Jan 21 Job Talk: Soyoung Lee (Ohio State): "The Macroeconomic Effects of Debt Relief Policies during Recessions".
Wed Jan 22 Job Talk: Laia Navarro-Sola (Northwestern): "Secondary School Expansion through Televised Lessons: The Labor Market Returns of the Mexican Telesecundaria".
Fri Jan 24 Job Talk: Horng Chern Wong (Warwick): "Understanding High-Wage and Low-Wage Firms".
Mon Jan 27 Job Talk: Jay Lee (LSE): "Marriage and Misallocation: Evidence from 70 Years of U.S. History".
Tue Jan 28 Job Talk: Richard Audoly (UCL): "Firm Dynamics and Random Search over the Business Cycle".
Thu Jan 30 Job Talk: Gonzalo Paz-Pardo (UCL): "Homeownership and Portfolio Choice over the Generations ".
Mon Feb 3 Job Talk: Soledad Giardili (Queen Mary): "Single-Sex Primary Schools and Student Achievement: Evidence from Admission Lotteries".
Wed Feb 19 Final seminar: Niklas Blomqvist (SU).
Tue Mar 3 Brown Bag: Andres Barrios Fernandez (VATT): “Siblings’ Spillover Effects on College and Major Choice: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and Sweden”.
Thu Mar 5 Guy Michaels (LSE): "Cities and Sea Level".
Tue Mar 10 Brown Bag: Takanori Adachi (Nagoya): "Multi-Dimensional Pass-Through and Welfare Measures under Imperfect Competition".
Tue Mar 17 Brown Bag: Rikard Forslid (SU): "Trade, Transportation and the Environment".
Tue Mar 24 Brown Bag: Roza Khoban (SU): ”The Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Presence of Political Distortions”.
Fre Mar 27 Final seminar: Daniel Almén (SU).
Mon Mar 30 Final seminar: Louise Lorentzon (SU).
Thu Apr 16 Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi): “Job Loss, Unemployment Insurance, and Crime in Brazil”.
Tue May 5 Brown Bag: Ulrika Ahrsjö (SU): "The Evolution of the Gender Wage Gap in Sweden".
Tue May 12 Brown Bag: Miika Päällysaho: "Parent Layoff and Education Choices". / Nicklas Nordfors (SU): "Pastoralist-farmer conflicts in West Africa".
Tue Jun 9 PhD Defense: Niklas Blomqvist (SU): "Essays on Labor Economics, The Role of Government In Labor Supply Choices".
Tue Jun 9 Brown Bag: Mohammadreza Farajpour (SU): "Saving the World".
Fri Jun 12 PhD Defense: Daniel Almén (SU): “Societal Impacts of Modern Conscription: Human Capital, Social Capital and Criminal Behaviour”.
Mon Jun 15 PhD Defense: Louise Lorentzon (SU): "Empirical Essays on Public Policies: Social Insurances, Safety Nets, and Health Care".