We now address the examinations, and will move from written examinations in an examination room to ”take-home-exams” at the bachelor’s and master’s level (that is, the examination room examinations are cancelled starting Wednesday 18/3). This also entails an adaptation of the format, so that course material, such as literature and lecture notes, now are admissible aids, as are calculators. The exam questions will be slightly adapted as will the assessment of the answers.

Information about take-home exams valid from August 28, 2020

N.B.! Only students who sign up for the exam on time (https://www.student.ladok.se/student/) will have the right to write the exam.

Instructions for answering a take-home exam


  1. Write your personal identification number (personnummer, YYMMDDxxxx) on every answer page. Please write clearly!
  2. Answer the questions individually. (Note! cooperation with others and plagiarism is not allowed.)
  3. Photograph your answers and/or use some word processing software.
  4. When you have answered the questions, photographed and/or word processed them, convert them into one pdf-file HOW TO SAVE PDF GUIDE (49 Kb) (47 Kb). Name the file “course code_personal identification number_retake”.
  5. Send your answers by e-mail to exam@ne.su.se, and attach your pdf-file. (Note! Do not link to a cloud location!) State the course code, your name and personal identification number in the subject field of the e-mail.
  6. Please reply at the latest according to the time specified below.

Good luck!

EC2107, The Economics of Discrimination 2020-08-28, kl. 09.00-12.00
Send answers by e-mail no later than 12.30 
(30 minutes extra) to exam@ne.su.se

EC2107_EXAM_200828 (38 Kb)


EC7412, Econometrics 3a, 2020-08-28, 09.00-12.00
Send answers by e-mail no later than 12.30 (30 minutes extra) to exam@ne.su.se

exam2EC7412_2020 (207 Kb)