During the summer, the number of staffs will be limited at the department. For contact, please send an email to info@ne.su.se. If you need to contact a course administrator, the following will be available during these times:

  • July 6-12: Galara Eriksson, Erika Höghede, Anne Jensen, Anders Fogelberg
  • July 13-19: Karin Blomqvist, Erika Höghede (Mon, Tue), Anne Jensen
  • July 20-26: Karin Blomqvist, Galara Eriksson
  • July 27-August 2: Karin Blomqvist
  • August 3-9: Åsa von Bahr, Karin Blomqvist, Galara Eriksson, Marit Fahlén, Cecilia von Mentzingen (Wed-Fri)
  • August 10-16: Tanja Appelberg, Åsa von Bahr, Galara Eriksson, Marit Fahlén, Anne Jensen, Cecilia von Mentzingen (Wed-Fri)

Decisions about how the teaching will be offered for each course, will be taken on August 20 at the latest. Information will be updated on the website and on Athena for each course.