Elective courses

Whenever you want to take elective courses elsewhere, the number one thing is to talk to your supervisor. Whether you should take the course or not, of course, depends on the evaluation of your supervisor.

Given that you have successfully completed a course and you want to be credited with that at Stockholm University you should typically proceed as follows:

a) Supply a written statement from your supervisor to Anne Jensen.
b) This document should contain: (i) the name of the course; (ii) how many (ECTS) credits the course corresponds to; and (iii) when you passed the course
c) This written statement should be backed up by a transcript (or some other form of verification) from the university where you took the course.

A model of the written statement from your supervisor is available, see attached files here below. Fill in the blanks and ask your supervisor to sign.

Obligatory courses

In general, we do not give credit for obligatory courses taken elsewhere after enrolling into the PhD program at Stockholm University.

In some cases, students have taken PhD courses prior to enrolling in the Stockholm PhD-program. Whether we give credit for those courses is determined by the Director of Graduate Studies.