The SDPE - a joint programme

The Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University collaborate by offering common courses for doctoral students in economics, economic statistics and finance. This joint undertaking is called the Stockholm Doctoral Course Programme in Economics, Econometrics and Finance, SDPE. This means that students at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics have access to the same course programme.

The SDPE at SSE.

The PhD-programme is also part of ENTER.

The course programme

All courses are given in English. During the first year core courses in mathematics, microeconomics, statistics, econometrics, and macroeconomics are taken (in total 60 out of 105 course points). The remaining 45 course points are taken during the second and third years, while thesis work is also begun. The second year courses are often organised in sequences containing 2-3 courses. Each student is advised to take at least one full sequence. Frequently organised course sequences are e.g., macro, finance, labour economics, industrial organisation, game theory, political economy and econometrics. Individual courses in public economics, health economics, history of economic doctrines, international economics and economics of trade etc are organised on a yearly basis.

The thesis work

The work on the thesis starts during the second year and is expected to be finished at the end of the fourth year. Although the PhD thesis can be a monograph, we strongly recommend that students write a thesis consisting of a number of separate articles. These articles do not necessarily have to be in the same field. If all articles are single-authored the thesis typically consists of three articles. The qualitative requirement is that each article should be publishable (but not necessarily published) in a refereed international journal.

Professors and associate professors at the Department of Economics, the Institute of International Economic Studies and the Swedish Institute of Social Studies supervise the thesis work. Assistant professors at the three institutes contribute as assistant supervisors. For students to successfully complete her or his thesis it is essential that there is a good match between the thesis topic and the supervisor.

List of potential supervisors and their respective fields of research

PhD defence

When the thesis is written it is publicly discussed and defended. The discussant, who must have a doctorate in economics, comes from another (Swedish or non-Swedish) University. The committee that sets the marks consists of three persons. At the most one of these may be an associate professor while the rest professors. One person comes from the Department of Economics, the Institute of International Economic Studies or the Swedish Institute of Social Research, the second from another department at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University and the third from another economics department. The possible marks are pass or fail.

List of recent theses in economics at Stockholm University