Exam results

Results are posted on www.mitt.su.se no later than 15 working days after the exam or no less than two weeks before the resit exam (depending on which occurs first).

Returning student exams

Exams can be picked up from the Student office on floor 4 in the A-building during office hours. Students must show ID when picking up exams, and sign for their exam.

Exam review

  • An exam review is sometimes organised after the exam on a course. Place and time for the exam review is posted with the results on the notice board.
  • At the exam review the professor/teacher will review how the students’ answers have been evaluated and what is required for each grade. After the review students can sign for their exams and ask for additional information about the grading of their individual exam. If a student desires to dispute the grading of his/her exam the following rules apply:
    • The grading decision cannot be appealed.
    • A student can however ask the professor/teacher to reconsider the grading decision. A request for reconsideration of the grading of an exam is handed in on a form provided by the Department of Economics. There is no formal time limit, but students are advised to hand in requests for reconsideration of grading decisions without delay. To avoid any suspicion of cheating, students are recommended to ask for a photocopy of their exam and not sign for the original.
  • If a student cannot take part in the exam review, or if no exam review is organised, the student should contact the course administrator (A-building, floor 4) or the teacher directly.
  • An exam is a public document. Exams that have not been collected within two years will be discarded.