• All students have to sign up for exams via the internet, under the heading "Mina Studier" on the intranet "Mitt universitet", http://mitt.su.se.
  • Students have to sign up for exams at the latest 10 days before the exam takes place.
  • Students who fail to sign up for an exam in time will have to wait until the start of the exam for any extra places to be distributed. If there are no extra places left you will not be able to sit the exam.
  • To sign up for an exam, students must be currently registered or re-registered on the course in question and have an activated student computer account. To activate your student account, contact the Help desk in the library, where you will be given login details for mitt.su.se.
  • Any student who has incomplete courses from the previous semester must pay the student union fee for the current semester and re-register on the course in order to write the exam. Contact the student office in room A722 or the course administrator to re-register.
  • Students who are unable to sign up for exams via the internet must contact the exam administrator at the latest 14 days before the exam takes place.
  • How to use the internet sign-up system:
  1. Go to http://www.mitt.su.se
  2. Log in
  3. Choose "Mina Studier" and then "Tentamensanmälan" ("Exam sign-up)
  4. Exams that you can sign up for have a button "Anmäl" ("Sign up")
  5. Click on "Anmäl" to sign up for an exam
  6. After the end of the sign-up period, it says "Anmäld" next to the exam if you are signed up, and "Ej anmäld" if you are not signed up