Course registration exchange students Economics Department

  • If you have been nominated for exchange studies at the Department of Economics you will receive a course application form by e-mail. On this form you should indicate which courses you would like to take, including reserve alternatives in case a course is full/you are not eligible for the course.
  • The course application form should be returned by e-mail to the Exchange Administrator by the deadline stated on it. You should also send a transcript of records listing previous studies.
  • Please note that if you have been nominated for studies on the Intermediate level you cannot take courses on Master level. If you have have been nominated for studies on Master level, you may only take courses on Intermediate level if the courses are not full.
  • We do our best to make sure that you will get a place on all your first hand choice courses, but we can never guarantee this since some courses may be full. Also note that admission to some courses is restrictive and competitive and that some courses have prerequisities.
  • Exchange students studying at the Department of Economics during the whole academic year will receive a second course application form for the spring term, in November/December.


Exchange students from other departments at SU

  • Please note that if you are an exchange students from another department at SU you may only take one course at the Economics Department if a) the course is not full, b) you are eligible c) your host department at SU allows it. The exchange administrator at your host department should contact the exchange administrator at the department of economics with an inquiry, and you need to present a transcript of records in order for the department of economics to decide on your eligibility.
  • Required pre-knowledge for the Intermediate level / First cycle is at least 30 ECTS credits in Economics on Basic level. The requirement for exchange students who want to study on the Master Programme level is the equivalent of a Bachelor degree of 180 ECTS credits, with at least 90 ECTS credits in Economics (including 30 ECTS credits from the intermediate level or above) and 90 ECTS credits in other subjects. Please note that some courses may also have additional pre-knowledge requirements to those above.
  • Students from other departments will be expected to take the majority of their courses (3 of 4) at their host department.