This course provides an introduction to political economics, as well as detailed knowledge of a number of important issues on the research front. The course comprises two main components. In the first component we will study competing theories concerning the different motives of politicians and the result of these theories. We will then look into the effects of different types of electoral systems. Finally, we will analyse market imperfections in political economics. The second course component will be dedicated to a set of timely political economy topics such as ”politicians, voters and preferences”, “political careers” and “political movements”.

Andreas Madestam. Office hours: by agreement, room A718, phone: 16 38 67, e-mail:

Veronika Wallinder. Office hours: Mon - Thu 12.30-13.30, room A491,
phone: 08-16 31 12, e-mail:

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Besley, Timothy, Principled Agents? The Political Economy of Good Government, The Lindahl Lectures, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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