The objective of the course is to give the students basic knowledge of modern labour economics and wage-setting theory. The course will teach both basic theory in the field and give an overview of basic empirical knowledge. The course should provide the students with analytical tools for analysing a number of contemporary labour market issues. These include issues of the following type: Why is unemployment so high in some European countries but much lower in others as well as in Anglo-Saxon countries? Why is working time shorter in Europe than in the US and how is employment affected by the length of working time? Why has wage inequality increased in most countries in recent years? What is the impact of technological progress and globalisation on labour markets? What contributions can labour market policies make? How is employment affected by different labour market institutions?

Lecturer and Examiner:
Lars Calmfors. Office hours: by agreement, room A892,
phone: 08- 16 30 76, e-mail:
Group teacher:
David Jackson, e-mail:

Veronika Wallinder. Office hours: Mon - Thu 12.30-13.30, room A491,
phone: 08-16 31 12, e-mail:


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Syllabus / Kursplan

Cahuc, P. and Zylberberg, A. Labor Economics, MIT Press.