The course discusses the concept of causality, for example, under what assumptions causal effects can be estimated. The course discusses the following methods: i) randomised experiments and the concept of exogenous variation, ii) selection on observables (regression control and matching), iii) instrumental variables, iv) panel data and differences-in-differences, and v) regression discontinuity. The course covers both theory and practical examples.

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Per Pettersson-Lidbom. Office hours: by agreement, room A745
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Joakim Jansson, e-mail:

Veronika Wallinder. Office hours: Mon - Thu 12.30-13.30, room A491,
phone: 08-16 31 12, e-mail:

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Stock & Watson. Introduction to Econometrics.
Angrist, J & Pischke, J-S, Mostly Harmless Econometrics. An Empiricist’s Companion. Princeton University Press.

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