Course content:
The aim of this course is to provide training in how to critically and systemically analyse economic issues; to demonstrate the ability to critically, independently and creatively identify and formulate issues; to plan, complete and evaluate advanced assignments within specified time frames using appropriate methods, and thereby contribute to the development of knowledge. This is done by conducting an individual study to be presented in writing.

Course structure:
The course essay should be written individually. The essay supervision may take place individually or in seminar form (so-called "workshops"). The structure of the supervision in seminar form is mostly determined by the supervisors themselves, but may, as an example, be organised in the following way: supervisors with competence in the same field, e.g. International Trade, Microeconomics or Applied Econometrics, may supervise together a group of students who plan to write about one of these fields. A number of seminar meetings are scheduled throughout the essay semester (4th semester) which all students and supervisors should attend. At the first meeting, the students are expected to present proposals for essay topics. The supervisors help each other steer the students towards relevant and conductible essay projects. The students are expected to actively participate in the seminars by offering opinions on each other’s essays. Each student, however, has one of the supervisors as their formal supervisor. How much supervision takes place outside of the seminars is up to the formal supervisor.

Swedish course syllabus

English course syllabus

Deadline for handing in the Master's Theses spring 2018:
Monday May 14th at 10.00. (10 AM) on Mondo.
The thesis defense seminars are scheduled between May 28th and June 1st.

Retake seminars Master's Theses (please note that changes may occur)
Deadline to hand in your Master's thesis is Tuesday October 2 at 10.00. (10 AM)
The thesis defense seminars are scheduled between October 16th - October 19th