Your NAIS-certificate

If you have not already provided a certificate, you can apply online at . You will then be contacted by a coordinator for students with disabilities at Disability Services to discuss your specific need of support.

Please send your certificate to the course administrator for the course that you will take as soon as you can. We recommend you send it before the beginning of the term/course.

Information about support that are offered at Stockholm University.

Different kinds of support:

Recommendation about resource room

How to book a resource room. Please note that the resource rooms are fully booked in exam periods so please book your room in good time, preferably at the beginning of the term.

Recommendation about extended examination time at written exams

If you are recommended extended examination time, the Department of Economics gives 50 % extra time at written exams / tests. At exams of five hours or longer, a break of 30 minutes, together with an invigilator, is included. Please note that extended time only applies on written exams and not at e.g. homework assignments.

Recommendation about other special pedagogical support

If you have been recommended other special pedagogical support than the above (e.g. support with taking notes), please first discuss your need with the department’s student counsellor Mårten Larsson ( ). Inquiry of the recommendation about another special pedagogical support will be handled individually and with the department’s and the examinant’s judgement of the course in question.

How to register and book at our department

Register as usual at
Send by e-mail to the course administrator at the latest 3 weeks before the examination date:

  • NAIS-certificate
  • Name
  • Personal number
  • Date and which exam / test it concerns
  • If you can sit in a room together with a smaller group who all have extended time, in a seminar room that is booked by the department.


  • If you prefer a separate room on your own that you book yourself. In that case, please provide the number of the resource room and the time that you have booked it for. If you need to use a computer, it is only possible to write in a room that you book yourself.

Please do not send any classified information by e-mail; please only send the information listed above.

The course administrator will confirm your booking with more information about your exam.
You may register for all exams of the term already at course start which we recommend you to do.