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Short presentation

I obtained my PhD in 2003 at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University and joined the department the same year. I am director of studies for the first level and master level course programs.

Research interests

In general, I find analysis of strategic interaction between agents to be of great use in explaining different economic, political and social phenomena in real life. Therefore I apply game theory in my research focusing on the following fields:

  • Environmental inspections and enforcement. Together with Mathias Herzing I am heading the research program "Evaluating Inspections as an Instrument for Achieving Environmental Targets" (Utvärdering av tillsynen som styrmedel för att uppnå miljökvalitetsmålen). The program is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as is conducted in cooperation with researchers from Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet. Mathias and I have also headed two previous research programs with the same funder; "Inspections and Enforcement as Instruments for Enhancing Environmental Behavior" (Tillsynen som styrmedel för förbättrat miljöbeteende) and "Efficient Environmental Inspections and Enforcement" (Effektiv miljötillsyn), see link to program homepage.

  • Media economics - Issues of news media independence, quality and competition

  • The political economy of conflict and appropriation - Arms races, resource conflicts, analysis of illegal drugs markets


Working papers

"The impact of market competition on journalistic performance.". With Jacobsson, E., Becker, L., Vlad, T., Hollifield, C. A., (2008, July). Paper presented at the conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Stockholm, Sweden. (File available at the Cox Center, Georgia)
Click here to get to the Cox Center for a video and powerpoint presentation.

"Political media contests and confirmatory bias" (267 Kb) , Working Papers in Economics 2002:3, Department of Economics, Stockholm University.


Selected publications

"Measuring the effects of feedback from inspections on cleanliness in Swedish pre-schools – a field experiment" with Herzing, M., forthcoming in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

"Inspections and Enforcement as Instruments for Enhancing Environmental Behavior" (editor with Mathias Herzing), report 6801, Swedish Envrionmental Protection Agency, 2017.

“Applying Motivational Interviewing to induce compliance with radon gas radiation legislation -- a feasibility study” with Wickström, H., Herzing, M., Forsberg, L. & Källmén, H., Psychology and Education 54(3), 1-22, 2017.

"Efficient Environmental Inspections and Enforcement" (editor, with Mathias Herzing), report 6713, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 2016.

Effektiv miljötillsyn with Mathias Herzing et al, report number 6558, Naturvårdsverket, May 2013.

“War and peace – cyclical phenomena?”. Public Choice, Vol 141, Numbers 3-4, December 2009, pp 467-480.

“Counter-intuitive effects of domestic law enforcement policies in the United States” (with Alberto Naranjo). Economics of Governance. Vol 10, Number 4, November 2009, pp 323-343.

“Is more always better? Examining the adverse effects of competition on media performance” (with Lee B. Becker, C. Ann Hollifield, Eva-Maria Jacobsson and Tudor Vlad). Journalism Studies, Vol. 10. No 3, 2009, pp 368-385.

Tillämpad mikroekonomi second edition (co-editor with Jonas Häckner and Astri Muren). Studentlitteratur, 2009.

"Quality of news" (with Eva-Maria Jacobsson) in Donsbach, W. (ed), The Blackwell International Encyclopedia of Communication, 2008.

Chapter 12 on "Defense" in Dufwenberg, Isaksson, Lundholm, (eds), Tillämpad mikroekonomi, Studentlitteratur, 2000 (This is a textbook for first-year economics students.)


Additional information

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