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Short presentation

I received my PhD in Economics at Uppsala University in October 1997. After my graduation I continued with my research at Uppsala University and at the Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU). I came to Stockholm University as an Associate Professor in 2004. In 2009 I became a professor here at Stockholm University. My teaching has mainly covered microeconomics, labor economics, and economics of the family.

Research interests

  • Labor Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Economics of the Family

Current teaching

  • Spring 2014: Labor Market Economics
  • Fall 2014: Microeconomics


  • Stanford University 2011-2012

Working papers

"Wage Inequality and Growth at the Firm Level", (with Tomas Lindström). Department of Economics, Stockholm University, 2012. Revise and resubmit Journal of Economic Growth.

"The black economy and education" (223 Kb) , (with Birthe Larsen), Working Paper 2010:3, Stockholm University, 2010.

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"Does Tax Evasion Affect Wages, Unemployment, and Educational Choice?", (with Birthe Larsen). Working Paper 2004:4, Institute for labour market policy evaluation, 2004.

"Social Norms and Unemployment" (with Peter Hedström and Yvonne Åberg), Working Paper 2003:15, Institute for labour market policy evaluation, 2003.


Selected publications

"Benefits Conditional on Work and the Nordic Model" (339 Kb) , (with Mirco Tonin). Working Paper 2013:1, Department of Economics, Stockholm University. Forthcoming Journal of Public Economics.

"Short-time work - Some long-run implications", (with Erik Grape). Department of Economics, Stockholm University. Economics Letters 124, 2014.

"Comment on Pierre Cahuc and Stephane Carcillo: Is Short-time work a good method to keep unemployment down? " Nordic Economic Policy Review 1 (93 Kb) , 2011.

"In-Work Benefits in Search Equilibrium" (664 Kb) (with Mirco Tonin), in International Tax and Public Finance 18, 2011.

Policies Affecting Work Patterns and Labor Income for Women (211 Kb) (with Ed Lazear), Reforming the Welfare state: Recovery and Beyond in Sweden, 2010.

"Maternal-Biased Parental Leave" (152 Kb) (with Per Engström and Che-Yuan Liang), in Journal of Economic Psychology 30, 2009.

"Under-reporting of Income and Labor Market Performance" (with Soren Bo Nielsen), Journal of Public Economic Theory 10, 2008.

"Money or Joy: The Choice of Educational Type" (with Annette Alstadsaeter and Birthe Larsen), European Journal of Political Economy 24, 2008.

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