Annika Alexius

Stockholm University
Department of Economics
SE-106 91 Stockholm

+46 8 16 30 47




Short presentation

My PhD is formally from the Stockholm School of Economics (1997) but in practice I was at the Riksbank between 1992 and 2000. I came to the Department of Economics at Stockholm University in 2008 after six years as a researcher at Uppsala University.

Research interests

  • Empirical macroeconomics
  • Monetary policy
  • International Finance

Current teaching

  • Monetary Policy
  • Empirical Macroeconomics

Selected publications

"Stocks and GDP in the long run", Annika Alexius and Daniel Spång, Journal of Applied Finance & Banking, vol.8, no.4, 2018, 107-127.

Alexius, Annika & Birenstam, Helene & Eklund, Johanna, 2014. "The interbank market risk premium, central bank interventions, and measures of market liquidity," Journal of International Money and Finance, Elsevier, vol. 48(PA), pages 202-217.

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”Vem för de arbetslösas talan i löneförhandlingarna?” (46 Kb) , ledare i Ekonomisk
Debatt nr 2, 2010

”Är det penningpolitiska ramverket ristat i sten för evigt?” (40 Kb) , ledare i Ekonomisk Debatt nr 8, 2011

Working papers

"Is the Phillips curve dead? International evidence" - Working Paper No. 2020:1, Department of Economics, Stockholm University (2020).

"Why are real interest rates so low? Evidence from a structural VAR with sign restrictions" - Working Paper No. 2017:6, Department of Economics, Stockholm University (2017). Under revision for the BE Journal of Macroeconomics.

"Pass-through with low inflation and volatile exchange rates" - Annika Alexius and Mikaela Holmberg, Working Paper No. 2017:1, Department of Economics, Stockholm University (2017). Under revision for the Review of World Economics.

"Can a time-varying equilibrium real interest rate explain the excess sensitivity puzzle?", Working Paper Paper No 2006:20, Uppsala University (with Peter Welz).

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