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My research is in experimental and behavioural economics, also in industrial organisation and regulation. I received my Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University in 1989 and have been at Stockholm University since 1992. I am currently also Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as Vice President for the Human Sciences Area.


Working papers

Gender, Risk Preferences and Willingness to Compete in a Random Sample of the

Swedish Population, (with Boschini, A., Dreber, A., von Essen, E., and Ranehill, E.)
March 29, 2019.



Gender and preferences in a random sample (with A. Boschini, A. Dreber, E. von Essen, E. Ranehill).


Selected publications

Gender and altruism in a random sample (with A. Boschini, A. Dreber, E. von Essen, E. Ranehill), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 77, 2018

Marknadsrätten i ett samhällsperspektiv (med Jonas Häckner), Amici Curiae –
Marknadsdomstolen 1971-2016, Jure Förlag, 2017

Counterfeiting and consumption externalities - a closer look (with J. Häckner), Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 15(4), 2015

Är kön en social konstruktion? (med A. Boschini och M. Persson), Ekonomisk Debatt 41, 2013

Constructing gender in the economics lab (with A. Boschini and M. Persson), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 84(3), 2012

Optimistic behavior when a decision bias is costly: An experimental test, Economic Inquiry, 50(2), 2012

Vetenskapliga sanningar och feministiska myter (med A. Boschini, M. Palme och M. Persson), Ekonomisk Debatt 39, 2011

Men among men do not take norm enforcement seriously (with A. Boschini and M. Persson), Journal of Socio-Economics 40, 2011

Trade costs and the timing of competition policy adoption (with R. Forslid och J. Häckner), Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 44(1), 2011


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