Jonas Häckner

Stockholm University
Department of Economics
SE-106 91 Stockholm Sweden







Short presentation

I received my PhD in economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1993. My main research areas are competition policy and industrial economics. I was employed by Stockholm University in 1995 and have teaching experience from all levels.

Research interest

  • Microeconomics
  • Industrial Economics
  • Competition Policy

Selected publications

"The Effectiveness of Environmental Inspections in Oligopolistic Markets", Resource and Energy Economics, vol. 48 (2017), pp. 83-97.

“Welfare Effects of Taxation in Oligopolistic Markets", Journal of Economic Theory 163 (2016), 141-166, with Mathias Herzing.

"Counterfeiting and Negative Consumption Externalities - A Closer Look", Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 15:4 (2015), 337-350, with Astri Muren.

“Every Viewer has a Price – On the Differentiation of TV Channels”, Journal of Media Economics 25:4, (2012), 220-243, with Sten Nyberg.

"Trade Costs and the Timing of Competition Policy Adaption", Canadian Journal of Economics, 44:1, (2011), 171-200, with Rikard Forslid and Astri Muren.

Tillämpad mikroekonomi, (Jointly edited by Jonas Häckner, Adam Jacobsson and Astri Muren). Studentlitteratur (2009). [This is a textbook for first-year economics students.]

"Advertising and Media Market Concentration", Journal of Media Economics, 21:2, (2008), 79-96, with Sten Nyberg.

"Vertical Integration and Competition Policy", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 24:2, (2003), 213-222.

"Market Delineation and Product Differentiation", Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 1:1, (2001), 81-99.

"A Note on Price and Quantity Competition in Differentiated Oligopolies", Journal of Economic Theory, 93, (2000), 233-239.

"Rent-Control and Prices of Owner Occupied Housing", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 102, (2000), 311-324, with Sten Nyberg.

"Vanity and Congestion; A Study of Reciprocal Externalities", Economica, 63, (1996), 97-111, with Sten Nyberg.

"Optimal Symmetric Punishments in a Bertrand Differentiated Products Duopoly", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 14, (1996), 611-630.

"Deregulating Taxi Services; a Word of Caution", Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, (1995), 195-207, with Sten Nyberg.

"Endogenous Product Design in an Infinitely Repeated Game", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 13, (1995), 277-299.

"Collusive Pricing in Markets for Vertically Differentiated Products", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 12, (1994), 155-177.

Additional information

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