Stockholm University
Department of Economics
SE-106 91 Stockholm Sweden

Short presentation

I obtained my PhD in 2005 at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University (Dissertation title: Essays on Uncertainty and Escape in Trade Agreements) and have since 2006 been affiliated with the Department of Economics, Stockholm University.

Research interests

  • Regulations and enforcement of legislation: Since September 2019 I work on the research project "Welfare effects of monitoring oligopolistic markets" (Välfärdseffekter av tillsyn av oligopolistiska marknader), which is led by Jonas Häckner. This project focuses on the effects of enforcing regulations regarding the environment, public health safety, taxation and competition.
  • Competition policy
  • Environmental inspections and enforcement
  • Pandemics and vaccine production
  • Microeconomics, industrial organization and game theory

Current teaching


Selected publications


"Who to Vaccinate First: Some Important Trade-offs” (with Rikard Forslid), CEPR Covid Economics 79, 93-116, May 2021.

"Assessing the Consequences of Quarantines During a Pandemic” (with Rikard Forslid), European Journal of Health Economics 22, 1115-1128, May 2021. Earlier version published as "Quarantine: When and How Long?” (with Rikard Forslid), CEPR Covid Economics 15, 159-183, May 2020.

"Multiple Equilibria in the Context of Inspection Probabilities Depending on Firms’ Relative Emissions, Resource and Energy Economics 63, February 2021.

"The Equilibrium Compliance Rate Among Regulated Firms” (with Jonas Häckner), International Review of Law and Economics 63, September 2020.

“Measuring the Effects of Feedback from Inspections on Cleanliness in Swedish Pre-schools - A Field Experiment” (with Adam Jacobsson), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 78, 1–9, 2019.

“The Effectiveness of Environmental Inspections in Oligopolistic Markets” (with Jonas Häckner), Resource and Energy Economics 48, 83–97, 2017.

“Welfare Effects of Taxation in Oligopolistic Markets” (with Jonas Häckner), Journal of Economic Theory 163, 141–166, 2016.

"On the Optimal Production Capacity for Influenza Vaccine" (with Rikard Forslid), Health Economics 24(6), 726-741, 2015.

"Does Hidden Information Make Trade Liberalization More Fragile?", Canadian Journal of Economics 44(2), 561-579, 2011.