Stockholm University

Department of Economics

SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden




Short presentation

I am a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics (PhD 1993) and professor of Economics at the Department of Economics since 2007. As of the fall 2018, I am the head of the department. I have the academic responsibility for international student exchange and am the current director of ENTER, a select network of European universities for training in economic research.
My field of research is applied micro economic theory, mainly within the fields of industrial organization and public economics. A particular interest of mine has been to examine the impact of interdependent preferences or social norms in such analyses.
Between 2008 and 2011, I was on leave to work as chief economist for the Swedish Competition Authority. Prior to that, I served as an economic expert member of Swedish courts in competition law cases; and subsequently, I have provided advice and expert testimonies to parties in these matters.

Research interests

  • Industrial organization and antitrust
  • Public economics
  • Social norms

Current teaching

  • Antitrust and Regulation
  • Economics of Industrial Organization
  • Lectures in Law and Economics II, and lectures on economics and competition at the department of Law

Working papers

Forslid, R, Nyberg, S. 2017. 'Brexit - balancing trade and mobility?'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Selected publications

“Public Order and Private Payments: Evidence from the Swedish Soccer League”. Journal of Public Economics, Volume 153, September 2017, Pages 1–8. (With Mikael Priks).

“Every Viewer has a Price – On the Differentiation of TV Listings”, Journal of Media Economics, 25 (4) (Dec 2012), (With Jonas Häckner).

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“Reciprocal Shareholding and Takeover Deterrence”. The International Journal of Industrial Organization, 13, 1995, 355-372.

“Deregulating Taxi Services; a Word of Caution”, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. May 1995. (With Jonas Häckner).

Books, reports and chapters in books

“Plats för fler som bygger mer - Betänkande av Utredningen om bättre konkurrens för ökat bostadsbyggande”, SOU 2015:105. (With Jonas Hammarlund and John Söderström).

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Gränslös konkurrens - Sverige i ett integrerat Europa (Competition without borders – Sweden in an integrated Europe), SNS ekonomiråds rapport 2002. With Pontus Braunerhjelm (ed.), Mattias Ganslandt, Johan Stennek and Nils Wahl.

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“Normer och rationella val” (Norms and rational choice), in the series; Studies in Ethics and Economics 5, Department of Theology, Uppsala University, 1999.

Arbetsförmedlingarna - Mål och drivkrafter (Employment offices – goals and motivations), report to ESO (With English summary), Ds 1998:16, Ministry of finance, Stockholm. With Per Skedinger.

“Honesty, Vanity and Corporate Equity”. PhD dissertation in economics. Stockholm School of Economics, 1993.

Op-eds and editorials

”Bäst om migration förhandlas före handel”, op-ed article published in Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv, April 9, 2018. (With Rikard Forslid).

”Så kan det bli mer konkurrens bland byggarna”, op-ed article published in Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv, December 16, 2015. (With Jonas Hammarlund and John Söderström).

“Fri konkurrens möter hinder” (Free competition encounters obstacles), op-ed article in Uppsala Nya Tidning, January 30, 2002. (With Mattias Ganslandt).

Editorials in Ekonomisk Debatt,1995 and 1996.