Its core aim is to promote the training and research of PhD-candidates in the money-finance area and, more generally, to foster a lively and internationally leading research environment in these fields. This will be achieved chiefly by providing funding for PhD students and by consolidating the research environment by, e.g., organizing seminars and hosting visiting scholars.

About CeMoF

A PhD Track

CeMoF is currently in the process of redesigning and expanding on specialized (second-year) PhD courses in money and finance. Students choosing to specialize in money-finance will be given opportunities to spend time at central banks (chiefly Riksbanken and the ECB) to conduct research and learn about central-bank activity in practice. Upon completion of their PhDs, a CeMoF certificate will be awarded to those who satisfy some course and research requirements (that are yet to be determined).

PhD programme in Economics

PhD programme in Business Administration


For inquires about CeMoF, please contact CeMoF Director Per Krusell or CeMoF Deputy Director Anna Seim.